Lifting capacity

If you’re new to hiring experts to help you with lifting and moving heavy items, this page will explain the lifting capacity we work within at Silverback Crane & Rigging.

The short lesson is that the further we tilt the arm of our crane, the less weight we’re about to move.

In essence, we can lift our heaviest items a short distance, but can be quite creative in moving lighter items a surprising distance from our crane.

It all comes down to the distribution of gravity and we need to work with physics, not fight against it.

As you’ll see in the diagram on this page, with our tallest boom, measuring 21.2 metres, we can lift 7.0 metric tonnes a distance of 2.5m.

As we adjust the length and angle of our boom, so to must our load capacity be adjusted.

We’re always happy to discuss your project and see how best we can help meet your needs – safely.

You will be surprised by what we can move with our Kebelco RK70 7 tonne slew!

Our lifting capacity